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Tile roofs have been around for centuries.

It was first used in the 3rd millennium BC in Greece. The early roof tiles were made from clay and slate, which were the ready materials. Now, the modern ones are made from concrete and plastic.

There are several types of roof tiles. The flat tiles are the simplest of all and are laid in an overlapping fashion. Imbrex and tegula are designed to have Roman patterns, which are the combination of curves and flats to make a rain channel. Pantiles have S-shaped look, which makes it easy to hook together. It was famous in the 19th Century in the US and England. Antefixes, on the other hand are vertical blocks. There are also interlocking roof tiles that look like the pantile but have additional top locks. Mission or barrel tiles, on the other hand, have semi-cylindrical shape.

The Advantages of Tile Roofs

Longevity. The roof tiles used by the Greeks in the 3rd millennium BC that were unearthed by archaeologist are still in good conditions. If the old tiles that were made using dated technology how much more these new ones made using modern methods. These roofs are said to last 50 years, but expect that it can last longer.

Style. Roof tiles are beautiful. It has a certain flair that no other roofing materials can emulate. It gives the home a certain charm. The color of the tile can also be adjusted to match the exterior of the house. The beauty of the tiles is what draws the buyer first to it.

Safety. The tiles are non-combustible so it is safe against fires. It is in fact one of the most fire resistant roofing material available. It can prevent the house from catching fire if the neighbor’s house goes on fire or when wildfires spread.

Resistant. Tile roofs are resistant from rotting and insect boring, which make it last longer, too.

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